I know quite a few friends and family read my blog and have no idea what some of the acronyms are that I use. I even had someone ask me later, “What is ‘ohms’?” I laughed and ask, “You mean O.M.S.?”

So here are a list of Peace Corps Acronyms* I might use, plus some of my own:

APCD – Associate Peace Corps Director
CED – Community Economic Development
CD – Community Director
COS – Close of Service
EMA – Europe/Mediterranean/Asia Region
ET – Early Terminating
HCN – Host Country National
IAP – Inter-America/Pacific Region
IST – In-Service Training
NCE – Noncompetitive Eligibility
NGO – Nongovernmental Organization
OMS – Office of Medical Services
PC – Peace Corps
PCJ – Peace Corps Journals
PCMO – Peace Corps Medical Officer
PCT – Peace Corps Trainee
PCV – Peace Corps Volunteer
PCVL – Peace Corps Volunteer Leader
PIP – Performance Improvement Plan
PO – Placement Office(er)
RAS – Restless Applicant Syndrome
RPCV – Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TOT – Training of Trainers

*Most of this list I got from the book The Insider’s Guide to the Peace Corps by Dillon Banerjee