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America the Awesome, Camp GLOW, MST and Other Stories…

Well hello, hello! Long time no see, huh? Sorry ‘bout that! After hitting Malawian soil I’ve been none stop crazy busy. But I’m finally taking sometime to update the world on the ongoings of mine. Let me first begin with … Continue reading

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The Struggle Between “Eating Hard” and Getting in Shape…

The midnight hour proves to be an excellent time to update my blog, considering the last few posts were written ’bout this time. Last Monday I officially graduated from college! 🙂 I now have my bachelor’s degree in Social Work … Continue reading

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To What I Aspire…

Since accepting my invitation to Malawi, much has happened! Monday I completed all my passport stuff and got it to UPS. It was a busy busy day! Then Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a training class called HIV Counseling, Testing … Continue reading

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To MALAWI and Beyond!!

FINALLY after nearly a week, that beautiful bulky package that is every applicant’s dream arrived at my door step today! And what a curve ball! I’m going to MALAWI!!! *happy dance* I leave July 1st and my job will be … Continue reading

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Holy Peace Corps Invite Batman, It’s in the mail!!!

Now that the screaming and jumping and dancing has camled slightly, I just wanted to let everyone know I’m officially invited to the Peace Corps!!! I just got off the phone with the Placement Specialist, who called to do a … Continue reading

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Re-Qualification = One Step Closer

Quick update – I logged on to my toolkit this morning to find this lil’ beauty: Once again I am back to just needing one last check mark! It was strange though because I never got an “application status update” … Continue reading

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In Your Face Setback!

Ah-ha! Just as I was in a slump about my medical setback I got an email from my placement officer this morning requesting my updated resume and romantic involvement form. YAY!! She also reminded to send in my final transcript … Continue reading

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Big Scare, Minor Setback…

As soon as the Health Desk starts dishing out July invites, I get a setback. *sigh* So I’ll start with the big scare: I was in class when my brother sends me a text, “oh you have a letter from … Continue reading

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Cure? Nothing.

I’m still suffering from RAS. I thought surely that “time” would cure my ails but alas, no. It’s been about 3 weeks since I got my letter from OMS saying I was medically cleared and everyday seems to stretch on … Continue reading

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My Favorite 4:30am Email Made Medical Clearance Official!

The OMS nurse tells no lies! *trumpets sound*Today I’m officially medically cleared. I predicted correctly that all of our favorite email would arrive in the wee hours of the morning, (If you don’t know why I predicted this, please feel … Continue reading

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